Pet Tips for Camping - Suggestions for camping with Pets

Pet Tips for Camping

Before you pack your pet's pup tent and head for that special camping spot, Dr. William Fortney, assistant professor of clinical sciences at Kansas State University, offers a few safety suggestions for your trip.

Although it's unlikely that you and your pet will experience problems on your camping trip, Fortney says it is best to be prepared ahead of time for potential difficulties.

"If your pet runs away from the campsite, it may become disoriented in the unfamiliar surroundings," said Fortney. "It is helpful to have adequate identification, such as tags on your pet's collar, and an identification microchip implanted under the skin, so that you can recover your animal."

On the identification tag include phone numbers of people who can reach you while you are on vacation, as well as the phone number of a reliable friend back home. So when your pet is recovered, the person who finds the animal will be able to contact someone who can help get your pet back to you.

Fortney says other factors pet owners should be aware of in the great outdoors are exposure to wild animals and insects carrying diseases.

"A big concern would be distemper from raccoons, or rabies and other diseases from live and dead animals that your pet might come in contact with," Fortney said. "There is also increased exposure to ticks and fleas."

Fortney also suggests bringing your pet's food along for the trip.

"Make sure your pet sticks to a reasonable diet," said Fortney. Don't let your animal forage, or roam alone, he advises. "The animal might develop diarrhea and start throwing up if it eats dead fish or other animals."

For an out-of-state trip, Fortney advises owners to bring a record of their pet's health and vaccinations.

"Speaking to your vet before the trip is a good idea," said Fortney. "Certain diseases, such as lyme disease, are more common in some states and your vet may recommend giving your pet a special vaccine before going."

When traveling with your pet you might consider a pet carrier, depending on the size of the animal, said Fortney.

"While driving it would be good idea to have a carrier so your pet is not a distraction," said Fortney. "The carrier is also good to use if you leave your pet for a short period of time."

Before heading off to camp in a national park, it's a good idea to write ahead and find out if pets are permitted in the park. Dogs are prohibited on some hiking trails and in the back country of many parks.

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