Entertainment for Tacomans

15 Second IQ Test

Just how smart are you? Find out here. It won't take long.

Tacoma Little Theatre

The TLT site will tell you all about the current season and give you the opportunity to volunteer.

Spirit Theatre

This newer Tacoma theatre group is offering some interesting and varied live theatrical entertainment. This year they are have a seven play season which is well worth seeing.

David Letterman's Top Ten

You can also access the Top Ten Archive, see pictures of Dave and read who the next guests are. Gosh, you can even order Dave's tickets on-line.

Ticket Masters

Get the latest Northwest concert and show information. Find out when your favorite performers are coming to the Tacoma Dome and the Pantages and other local venues. Order your tickets on-line.

Reel Comments - Quotations From the Movies

This FREE local database is the best place on the entire Internet for movie quotations. You'll find thousands of quotations from silver screen classics to cult favorites.

The Comics

These aren't your everyday comics. You won't find Peanuts or Dilbert here, but you will find some amusing commentary on our daily life.

Scruples and Drams

Heather McHugh is a poet. Her poems are both intelligent and moving. You don't need a degree to figure them out, even though Heather is a member of the faculty, Creative Writing Program, English Department, University of Washington.

Nothwest Poetry Corner

This poetry site is supported by the Tacoma Writers Club and offers some nice insight into living in our South Puget Sound area.

FREE Tarot Card Readings

You can have a FREE one card or three card reading. Who knows what lies in store for you? New job? New love? More money? The best game to play at the Emerald Queen? A new Narrows Bridge? Find out here.

Dining Guide

Select your next dining experience from our Dining Guide for Tacoma and the South Sound area.


Personality types from a medieval perspective. What would you have been seven hundred years ago? A knave? A knight? A knucklehead?

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Thousands of Movie Quotations

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