Health & Nutrition

Life Style Test

Is your lifestyle good for your health? Change your lifestyle and change your life.

Catching Some ZZZZs

There's nothing easier to get than a good night's sleep. . . until you can't get one. If you're having trouble falling asleep, take a look at some of the suggestions here.

American Cancer Society

This site contains pages of information on the two leading forms of cancer in men and women. Correct information helps ease the fear of this dreadful disease. The Tacoma office is located at 1551 Broadway, Suite 200. For local information call 253-272-5767.

American Heart Association

The most common killer in American is heart disease. This website includes many ways for us to reduce the risk of heart disease with recipes and tips on managing our weight. The Tacoma office is located at 16 Tacoma Avenue North. For local information call 253-272-9282.

Mental Health Net - Humor of the Day

These sanity preserving psychological comic strips are updated daily. Visit here for a laugh and for relief.

Headache Relief

If you're suffering from headache or back pain, then you should visit the site of Dr. Jeffry Finnigan. Dr. Finnigan, from Lacey, is a published author, a television wellness advocate, and an expert on headaches and back pain. If you're suffering from pain, Dr. Finnigan has a no-risk proposition for you. New patients also recieve a copy of Dr. Finnigan's popular book, Life Beyond Headaches. He can make the pain go away.

How's Your Self-esteem?

Do you believe in yourself? Try this 29 question test.

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