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Virtual Jerusalem

Visit the Jewish World from the heart of Israel. Here you'll find information from The Jewish Press, the largest Orthodox weekly in the world. You can also send your own personal prayer to the Kotel (the Western Wall) at no charge. Heaven's closer to Tacoma than you may have thought.

Bible Gateway

Biblical versus at your fingertips. You can search the Bible for over 22,000 topics. This site features six English translations as well as German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish and Tagalog.

New Age IQ Test

Here's a 32 question quiz to see what you know about New Age thinking.

Northwest Mysteries

Delve into the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest with investigative writer Greg Long. With 20 years of experience, Greg Long gives readers an inside look at UFOs, Bigfoot, and other unexplained phenomena.

Dr. Shall "Gandhi" Sinha

Dr. Sinah is a motivational speaker, author, and trainer. He offers motivational words of wisdom and weekly commentary. Dr. Sinha sometimes goes by the name of Gandhi because he does a inpirational talk as Mahatma Gandhi. Do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Sinha's website for quotations from the lives of over 500 great achievers. For example: "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your mind off your goal." -- Henry Ford.

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