Banner ad - $15.00 per month

Partial page sponsorship with paragraph and link - $50.00 per month

Banner ad on section page - $75.00 per page

Page sponsorship w/large banner or logo (linked) at the top of the page - $100.00

Basic 13-point package - $1100.00
The basic package, based on two and a half days of programming, includes:

Page construction w/up to six scanned photographs

Two supporting/complementary pages (linked) for press releases
Look at the site Catching Some ZZZZs as an example. This site is a supporting page for the Headache Relief site of Dr. Jeffry Finnigan in Lacey. Dr. Finnigan's site is focused on headaches. One cause of headaches is lack of sleep. The Catching Some ZZZZs site offers suggestions for the sleep challenged. Many visitors to that site click through to Dr. Finnigan's Headache Relief site as well as his Life Beyond Headaches site which features information on Dr. Finnigan's book concerning headache sufferers.

In-stock clip art
We have thousands of images suitable for use on the web.

Mailing list set-up
With a mailing list you can easily send email to people who are interested in receiving information from your site. You can tell them of weekly, holiday or seasonal specials, or tell them when something new has been added to your business or website.

Your own independent email address
Most people have their email addresses established with their ISP. This means that people are reluctant to leave a particular ISP, because they would lose their email if they moved. Also, businesses have their email addresses published on their business cards and other advertising. With an independent email address, our clients are not tied down to any ISP. They can close ISP accounts and move on to another and never lose email. Our independent accounts can be accessed anywhere in the world, from any ISP.

Page "hit counter"
A hit counter device, like the one at the bottom of this page is used to keep track of the number of visitors to your website. This is something that would be very useful with yellowpage advertising. With a hit counter you can judge the usefulness of press releases, announcments, email advertising and other forms of promotions.

Tracking device
A tracking device is used in deciphering web traffic. You can find out where your visitors are coming from.

Set up reciprocal banner advertising
There's nothing like FREE advertising, and that's what reciprocal banner advertising can do for you. We will develop a banner for your website and then have that banner placed on other sites where people can click on the banner ad and be transported to your website. In return banners from other companies or organizations will be placed on your site.

Banner ad in Tacoma Weekly
We will also place your banner on the Banner page of the Tacoma Weekly On-Line for twelve months. This is a $180 value.

Submission to 500 search engines, directories and links
Websites need to be registered with search engines and directories so that Internet users can easily locate and visit your website. There are also a large number of sites that offer links to other websites. By letting these search engines, directories and links know about your site, more people have the chance of visiting your webpage. Submission and registration for these masses of sites is done instantly by computer.

Submission by hand to major search engines
The major search engines like Yahoo!, Webcrawler and AltaVista, and a few others, assist most of the traffic on the web locate websites which contain information they are searching for. Those major search engines are so important that we carefully and selectedly enter website information independently of site submission software. We also continually check to make sure that the major search engines have accepted our client's websites. We have a special software program to check registration placement. Major search engine acceptance can take weeks or months.

3 press releases/announcements
We have arrangements with sources to broadcast our announcements to thousands of Internet users. Our press releases/announcements boost web traffic. Press releases and annoucements work best with information rather than advertising. We've devised a super avenue for marketing websites. Used in conjunction with our supporting pages, we call this avenue "Backdoor Advertising." Suporting pages offer information rather than sales talk. This is a very soft-sell. Supporting pages enhance the marketing possibilities of website when used with our press releases and announcements.

12 month contract - renewal or complete turn-over options
At the end of twelve months, clients can re-new their contract or we'll gladly turn over the website to the client. Clients may then maintain their own site at zero costs.
Clients that re-new, however, recieve additional supporting pages, re-submission to the search engines, directories and links, as well as more advertising and new press releases and announcements.

Additional Services:

Video added to your site
We can add moving video of your produce or service. The cost to capture and digitize is $30.00 per minute plus $150 set-up fee for each piece of video. These fees are in addition to video production. You may want to visit our PNW Video Production site to find out more about industrial/business video production.

Unique domain name set-up - $250.00
Our typical website has quite a long website address. For example, the address for PNW Video Productions is Many people opt for a domain name, which takes special registration and yearly re-newal fees. A domain name for PNW Video Produciton would look something like this: Shorter addresses are more easily remembered. You may want to consider this.

Domain redirect - $100.00
If you already have a domain name, we can have searches redirected to your new address. You still need to pay your renewal fee for the domain name separately, however.

Virtual domain set-up - $100.00
We can also give you a shorter address with a virtual domain name. The address you'd have would be somewhere in-between our normal longer address and the shorter domain name. A virtual domain address might look like this:

If you have any questions, please, call Don at 253-759-6639, fax us at 253-759-8373 or send us email to

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