A License to Steal

By Don Doman

Like a few other professional sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks are considering seat licensing. Season ticket holders would have to pay a one time fee for a license to purchase season tickets. After they have a license they would still need to purchase their season tickets. The money would go to the Seahawks.

Some people are against this revenue producing program. They feel that sports teams are holding season tickets as ransom. I like the idea of licensing, however, in fact, I love it. I think it has more possibilities than just professional sports.

The use of special licenses could provide funding for many independent businesses as well as local and state municipal projects. License holders might even be able to profit from their licenses. Holders would be able to sell their licenses which makes them an investment and subject to taxes. (Consult an accounting professional for your specific case.)

People could purchase a special license to hire contractors. There could even be different levels of licenses. At Level One you would be able to hire a contractor. At Level Two you would be able to hire a contractor who shows up. Level Three would give you a contractor who shows up on time. Level Four would be a contractor who shows up on time and completes jobs on time and on budget. Level Four licenses would be very limited. In fact, I donít know if any would be available. License fees could go into a contractor reimbursement fund for people dissatisfied with their contractors.

Licenses could be sold to computer users enabling them to purchase updated software. License fees would be used for product development. (Hold on, I think Bill Gates has already beat us to this one.)

We could sell a license to drive over the Narrows Bridge. Moneys raised could be used to build another bridge or additional lanes. Each car traveling on the bridge would need to be licensed. Families would probably respond by licensing only one vehicle. People on tight budgets might want to put their moneys together and license a particular car and then either take turns driving it or riding together. We could call this a car pool.

We could even sell a license to run for public office. Again, we could have several different levels. Level One would be just to run for office. Level Two would be for people in legal trouble to run for office. Level Three would be for people who have spouses in legal trouble and want to run for office. Level Four would be for people who run for office on their own merits. Again, these would be sold at a premium. Fees raised could fund our criminal justice system.

Licenses could be used to identify people. They can also be used to regulate and legislate. We shouldnít ignore the possibilities. Our way of life could be improved with the right kinds of special licensing.

For example, we could sell special licenses to people who want to own and operate professional sports teams. Funds raised could be used for amateur athletics. Professional sports team licenses would enable team owners to set ticket prices and other revenue producing factors and then approach the general public and offer them fair pricing for season tickets. Now, thereís a novel idea. Special licensing, I think itís an idea whose time has come.

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