Travel & Adventure in the Pacific Northwest

A photograph from the Asian Art MuseumAn Adventure to Seattle

Here is an adventure to Seattle, Washington and Salty's on Alki Beach, Archie McPhee's, the Hotel Vintage Park, the Seattle Art Museum, the Burke Museum, the Asian Art Museum and Tulio Ristorante. This article features a wonderful interview with Chef Walter Pisano of Tulio. There's more to Seattle than just angst and coffee.

A picture of Victoria HarbourAn Adventure to Victoria

This is the personal account of an adventure to Victoria, B.C., the Clarion Hotel Grand Pacific, the Royal British Columbia Museum, the Royal London Wax Museum, and Mocambopo (a cute little coffee house). You'll read about the ferry, masks, the famous, the infamous, great places to go for shopping, eating and just plain enjoyment.

A picture of The Coast Starlight arriving in TacomaAn Amtrak Adventure to Portland

There's nothing like riding the rails. Join travelers on the Coast Starlight from Tacoma to Portland and then return to Tacoma on the Talgo with a little fun in between at Powell's famous bookstore in downtown Portland.

Amtrak Schedules

Find out the schedule on Amtrak in Tacoma (or anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest) to any Amtrak stop nationwide.

Northwest Travel & Adventure

Please, visit our interactive travel discussion page. Tell us about great places to go in the Pacific Northwest. Share your thoughts and adventures.

All-aboard the Cascade Dinner Train

Read what it's like to travel on a steam train from Elbe, Washington. Ever sleep in a boxcar? Here's your chance. You can stay at the Hobo Inn and be assured of a good breakfast the next morning. Riding the rails has never been better.

The Original Tipping Page

Are you ever unsure of what to tip for service? Take a look here and learn how to tip for various services while you're traveling.

Wines Northwest

Wines Northwest provides facts, maps and listings of wine related businesses to help site visitors choose wineries, restaurants (especially those that serve local wines) and lodging facilities located conveniently enough for personally designed tours. Contact information is supplied, including links to winery Web sites and email addresses when available, so arrangements and reservations can be made when required.

Canandian Bed & Breakfast

This directory is for travellers wanting to experience, first-hand, Western Canadian hospitality in the homes, lodgings, ranches/farms and tourism businesses of these family operations. Explore western Canadian culture ... visit reconstructed forts, historic sites, craft shops and art galleries, tea houses, festivals, rodeos, museums and parks. Ride a horse, go white-water rafting, trekking/hiking, skiing, dog sledding, bird watching, kayaking ... no matter the season, they have accommodations and adventure for you. You'll find B&Bs on Vancouver Island, other parts of British Columbia and western Canada sites here.

A Travel Guide to Washington State

If you're going to drive around Washington, this is an on-line highway guide for you. You can see how to get from town to town and from national park to national park.

Pacific Northwest National Parks

You can click on any of the National Parks on a map located here of the Pacific Northwest for information on that particular park. You'll find information on Mt. Ranier, Olympic National Park and many others throughout Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Join the likes of General George Custer, Sitting Bull, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lewis & Clark at your favorite Pacific Northwest national park.

The Waitressing Gripe Page!

Are you an annoying restaurant patron? Find out how to get better service and laugh at how your food service people view you.

Got Cash?

Before you travel anywhere in the Pacific Norhtwest, you might want to make sure you have enough cash. Visit VISA's on-line ATM locator to find out where you can replentish your supply of the long green. You can enter any street address in the United States and this database will give you the three nearest ATM machines.

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